Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School Night...

We had Back to School Night (or Open House as some districts call it) on Thursday night.  It always makes for such a long day but it's worth it to be able to meet with the parents and let them know what the routine and expectations are like in the classroom.  We had a decent turnout for it so I was happy! 

I thought I'd share two little things we made for the night. My coteacher and I both made something to put out on the students' desks for the parents when they came in.  The first thing was the lifesavers complete with the saying "Supportive families are a LIFESAVER!"  This is so TRUE in so many ways!!  Having families that are supportive and open about their own child makes such a difference when trying to work through a variety of things throughout the year.  I hope parents know that we truly appreciate them!!

Another thing we put on their desks was a bag of popcorn with the saying, "Welcome.  Thanks for popping in!"  I have done this for a few years now and it's always a big hit with the parents and the students, too!  I think it's a nice gesture just to have a little something extra for the parents, although it is definitely not necessary!
Overall, the night went well, although I was super tired the next day!  I'm happy we were able to hold it on a Thursday night so that all we had to get through was Friday.  There were a few years when it was held earlier in the week and it was just so tough to get through the rest of the week because you never truly felt like you caught up on sleep or just relaxing.  

Until next time!

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